VIDEOFOREVER 10 : MOTOPOÉTIQUE – Palais de Tokyo, March 6

The Palais de Tokyo in Paris hosts on March 6 the next VideoForever session.
Created by Analix Forever (Barbara Polla & Gianmaria Andreetta) in 2011, VideoForever is a cycle of conferences on moving images, animated by the art historian and writer Paul Ardenne.

On March 6, the session, entitled MOTOPOETICS, will concentrate on the metaphysics of motor bikes and their invasive, metaphoric, real and virtual presence in today’s art, music and cinema.

With videos by Elisabetta Benassi, Janet Biggs,  Shaun Gladwell, Lori Hersberger, Olivier Mosset, Ghost Rider, and more.

Thanks to Magazzino, Rome ; CAN, Suisse ; Galerie Anna Schwartz, Australie ; Marc-Oliver Wahler ; Winkleman Gallery, New York

image : © Shaun Gladwell


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