Family 4©Shaun Gladwell

This 22th session of VIDEO FOREVER occurs within the frame of Shaun Gladwell’s show at UNSW, and fight and flight are two recurrent themes in the artist’s work.

The series of videos / video extracts shown will present some examples of fighting: fighting by screaming (Abramovic & Ulay; Jhafis Quintero); fighting with oneself (Jhafis Quintero); boxing and destroying with great energy (by the performing artists Elena Kovylina and Nell); strange imaginary fighting such as in Salote Tawale’s video; body fighting as in Kiah Redding’s video (in collaboration with Andrew McLellan), a video that seems quite inspired by the fight in Women in Love even though Redding rather refers to a scene from The Young Ones, Oil. Steve Mac Queen’s Bear further underlines the very sexual aspect of bodily fighting. This part on fight closes with excerpts from Shaun Gladwell’s film Family and Double Field-Viewfinder (Tarin Kowt) which are on display in the upstairs lobby of UNSW Galleries.

The flight part starts again with Women in Love and their attempt to fly away, taken by love, the starts with hindrance to fly or aborted tries to fly. Adrian Paci, Gino de Dominicis, Bas Jan Ader, Charley Case are all failed, sometimes pathetic, tries to fly away with no chance to succeed. Richard Jackson and Fabrice Langlade show us how flight might be integrated in painting and sculpture respectively, and the Flight part of the session will end with two ways to fly for real: Eric Wesselo on the wings of a mill and Shaun Gladwell again, in a Lazarus 12. We also live at an infinite loop.

The Flying Australian!

Special Thanks to Gene Sherman and Sebastian Goldspink; thanks to Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, for Nell, and to Vanessa Quang & Madeleine Filippi for Charley Case. Sound design for Salote Tawale’s video was by Michael Theiler.


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