VIDEO FOREVER 24 *Peace and Sex*

June 25, 7pm, at 22 Visconti, 75006 Paris, presented by Paul Ardenne & Barbara Polla

Thanks to Frank Perrin for hosting the event.

Why Peace and Sex?

Because it’s summer, and because we at VIDEO FOREVER have never talked about sex before. And also because sex is essential to us: essential to our freedom, our identity, our relationships, our fulfilment and even our health. Essential in our lives. And yet, all too often, women in particular are still silent about sex, even if today young women, and especially young women artists, are beginning to change things.

With videos from “Destricted” : Marina Abramović, Marco Brambilla, … ; and from Amanda Alfieri, Aurélie Dubois, mounir fatmi, Andrea Fraser, Ali Kazma, Elena Kovylina, Joanna Malinowska, Shannon Plumb, Jocelyne Saab, Julien Serve & Tejal Shah (Between the waves).

“Tejal Shah’s Between the Waves, a 5-channel video installation, was first presented at DOCUMENTA (13). Shah creates sensual, poetic, heterotopic landscapes within which she places subjects that inhabit personal/political metaphors – embodiments of the queer, eco-sexual, inter-special, technological, spiritual and scientific. Their activities feel archaic and futuristic at the same time, primitive but filled with urgency and agency. How did they arrive in these immersive environments, which surround them and also us? Both seductive and visceral, they could be spaces of refuge or expulsion.

Shah’s work becomes political through its situated context and her subject positions. The making and dissemination of radical works such as Between the Waves is a real challenge … : actions of love, sensuality or sexuality being performed by her subjects can be read as assertively political – articulating the right of a subjectivity beyond the scripted gender binary enforced through various expressions of social as well as state repressions in contemporary democracies.” To read more on Tejal Shah’s Between the waves, click here.

To read more on the theme, click here.

To read more on VIDEO FOREVER, click here.

Next VIDEO FOREVER sessions will be this fall. About Memory, Time, and more.

VIDEO FOREVER wishes you a happy summer !


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