Jeudi 15 mars au 22 Visconti

Thursday, March 15 – 7 pm
22 rue Visconti, 75006, Paris

VIDEO FOREVER with Point Contemporain

While breathing,
we touch this world.

While dreaming,
we create this world.

Noritoshi Hirakawa, 2017.

Dreams keep us busy night and day. There are many diverse ways to sleep and to dream, or not to sleep and to dream. Insomniacs, sleepwalkers, dreamers… we all design the world: dreaming indeed is not (only) an escape or a way to live another life, the life we can’t or won’t live — no, dreaming is an intense activity of sampling, recalling, organizing the millions of images that every day we accumulate in our « screening room ». Deconstruction of stored images, reconstruction of novel realities, creation of surreal, hyperreal images: in the screening rooms of our sleeping brains, movies get produced and forgotten at incomparably faster fate than in Hollywood… Moving dreams become moving images: form science to art. Video art. Moving art.

Those who can still dream do not sleep any more (mounir fatmi). We don’t sleep, we dream !

Join our dreams… with videos by Louidgi Beltrame, Véronique Caye, mounir fatmi, Clare Langan, Lucy Lindsey, Ruth Lingford, Virgile Novarina, Julia Charlotte Richter,  Lily Scherlis, Ornela Vorpsi and more

Thanks to : François Bonenfant ; Janet Biggs ; Philippe Jousse, Jousse Entreprise ; Marcel Marette ; Matt Saunders ; Valérie Toubas et Daniel Guionnet, Point Contemporain ; Les Vitelloni, Paris ; Visconti 22.


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