Within the framework of the Art Capital Festival, that is dedicated this year to Nature and Pathway, RECONSTRUCTING EDEN is a video exhibition centered on and echoing with the themes of nature, ecology, in and out of pathways, moving, driving, diving, walking, biking, flowing, sailing – living.

“Ecological art” or “eco-art” are the terms used for creative endeavours that promote the cause of sustainable – and beautiful – natural and human environments. Whatever the form taken by works of this tendency – in our case, video – the goal is to heighten public awareness of the multiple issues we face to maintain inviting environments.

“Walking art” is one form of eco-art that roots in art history long before ecology. In the recent years, walking art has extended as navigating art (Janet Biggs), biking art (Shaun Gladwell, Ali Kazma), driving art (Frank Smith) and more generally, as “exploring art” (Ursula Biemann, Janet Biggs, Violaine Lochu, Miguel Angel Rios, Clare Langan), and floating art (Clare Langan, Gianluigi Maria Masucci). Walking art has multiplied and could henceforth be named “Pathway art”.

Whatever the outlook of eco-art, the role of the “eco-artist” combines the position of friends of the earth and sounders of alarms. A deep humanism defines “eco-art”, inseparable from a revitalised vision of life and a re-founded harmony between humanity and its environment.

With the mesmeric moving images of nine international artists,  “RECONSTRUCTING EDEN” is seeking for this harmony, to be perceived along with the improbable, both ghostly and genuine, harmony between the old stones of the ArtMill in Szentendre and the video images of worlds to come, from “subatlantic” to Planet Mars.

To know more about the event, click here.


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